Sun – and the perfect sunglasses

UV radiation

Our eyes are constantly exposed to UV radiation – even when the sky is heavily clouded. Up to 40 percent of exposure to UV radiation even arise if you do not stay in direct sunlight. Snow, water, sand, clouds, fog, streets, and glass facades, too, reflect UV rays. These slanting rays fall into the eye without your perception of them. Low sun results in strong dazzling reflections. Light reflections of the water increase the UV light by 20 percent, snow even by 80 to 90 percent. In the mountains, the intensity of UV radiation increases per altitude of 1,000 metres by 10 percent.

The large pupils and brighter eye lenses of children absorb even more UV rays than the eyes of adults. Thus, even more UV rays get to the retina and damage the sensitive photoreceptors.

Glare protection

Our eyes have a natural glare protection. When the light irradiation grows too much, the pupil shrinks automatically so that less radiation finds its way into the eye. Is the light irradiation, however, too intensive, this reaction is not enough and we feel bedazzled. Tinted glasses that filter parts of the light differently help against the disturbing blinding of the eyes by rays of sunlight. The darker the colour of the glass the higher the glare protection.

Quality of the lenses

We manufacture sunglasses from mineral glass and plastic. These materials are equally suitable for sunglasses. Uncoated plastic often scratches faster than glass. If you place importance on durability we advise you to take glass or scratch resistant coated plastic.

Colour filters

At Braun Opticians, you will find sunglasses with differently coloured lenses, exactly according to your wishes:Brown, grey, and green lenses are universally usable und very popular for all-purpose sunglasses. They distort the colours of the surroundings the least. Yellow and orange eyeglass lenses enhance the contrasts. Even in changing light conditions – for example sudden fog – the vision is still accurate in every detail. Blue lenses offer a slight glare protection when visibility is clear and they are a good choice when using goggles for swimming. Colourless lenses protect the eyes and do not distort the ambient colour. They are suitable for indoor sports, less for outdoor sports for they are lacking in glare protection.

Sunglasses with gradual lens tintings

We offer you sunglasses with gradual lens tintings, an especially sophisticated variation. The light attenuation in the upper part of the glass and the brighter tinting in the lower part provide a glare-free view upwards and an enhanced contrast vision on the ground. Benefit: Thus, distances can be estimated better. The intensity of the colour tint has nothing to do with the UV protection, though, but only with the intensity of the glare protection. Even the darkest lenses do not protect the eyes without a UV filter. In the dark, the pupil opens instead of constricting like in case of brightness.

Photochromic lenses

They get automatically darker or brighter as soon as the light conditions change. Photochromic lenses always provide protection against dazzling light. Besides, they enhance contrast vision. The lenses can get darker between 10 and 90 percent within 30 second. We provide motorists with special photochromic lenses that darken sufficiently, although the windshield and windows of the car already filter part of the radiation.

Polarised lenses

These lenses prevent dazzling glare in the surroundings. When looking into the distance, landscape and environment appear higher in contrast. When looking directly on the route, however, contrasts can become lower. We particularly recommend polarised glasses to motorists for they filter glare that comes in from below.

Sunglasses with dioptres

We manufacture for you custom-made sunglasses corresponding to your dioptres as well as varifocal sunglasses with tinted lenses.

Sun protection for your glasses

You would like to “upgrade” your everyday eyeglasses as sunglasses? We will be happy to provide you with “fit over” eyeglasses with filter lenses for wearing over your dioptre lenses. You can easily put the “fit over” on and take it off.

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