Hearing loss: prevention

Prevention: important for young ears, too

The WHO points out that adolescents are exposed to a growing risk to damage their hearing permanently – above all due to their listening to music that is way too loud on their smartphones or MP3 players or in clubs and discos.

Therefore, more than 1 billion young people are at risk around the world. ENT doctors report that the hearing loss in children and adolescents has almost doubled in Germany over a number of 24 years.

Pay attention to the volume at which your children listen to music – e. g. with headphones!

Hearing aid wearers prevent that

  • Hearing aids reduce the risk of falling:
    Hearing loss exceeding 25 decibel already increases the risk of falling by almost 3 times.
  • Hearing aids preserve vigour: Hearing aids help hearing impaired people to preserve their vigour and physical fitness.
    According to studies, the disability risk of elderly people with untreated hearing loss can increase by 31 percent.
  • Hearing aids preserve the cognitive performance:
    A French long-term study documents the connection of untreated hearing loss with an accelerated cognitive decline in older adults. Among the participating hearing aid wearers, it was observed that their cognitive decline was slowed down.
  • Hearing aids reduce the risk of depression and loneliness:
    The risk of a severe depression increases by 5 percent per decibel hearing loss, as proved by a study among persons aged between 18 and 70 years. The likelihood of feelings of loneliness even increases by 7 percent per decibel.

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