Menicon Z Night

Sleep off your defective vision!
See clearly throughout the day with Menicon Z Night – without glasses and contact lenses.

Yes, this is possible!

Z Night opens up a very new world of vision. Thanks to the corrective effect that Z Night has on the cornea, you can simply sleep off your defective vision. Enjoy the day freely and light-heartedly, without being reliant on glasses or contact lenses.

Comfort and total freedom throughout the day!

    • No glasses necessary
    • No restrictions during sporting activities
    • Contact lenses are worn at night and correct defective vision
    • Optimal solution if there were problems with previous contact lenses:
      no irritated or reddened eyes due to wearing contact lenses,
      no foreign bodies under the contact lenses that can rub
      no dry eyes
    • Optimal for allergy sufferers
    • A safer and reversible option versus laser treatment/refractive surgery
    • Suitable for myopes (persons with shortsightedness)

How does Z Night work?

Z Night corrects your defective vision over night.

With its special geometry, Z Night shapes your cornea gently so that you are able to see clearly and sharply throughout the day.

The central area of the cornea is brought into the right shape, without you feeling anything of this.

This process is reversible.

Dependent on the shortsightedness, you have a clear vision as early as after 1 – 2 nights.

If you do not want to wear the Z Night any longer, your eyes go back to their original condition.

Fitting of the Menicon Z Night

The fitting of the Menicon Z Night takes place at Braun Opticians, your certified contact lens specialist. Z Night is individually fitted and custom-made especially for your eyes from the most hyper-oxygen permeable material Menicon Z.

Based on your ametropia (defective vision) and the topography of your cornea, we assess if the Z Night is suitable for your eyes.

We examine your current visual acuity, check the front section of your eyes using a split lamp (eyelids, conjunctive, cornea), and survey the front face of your eyes (corneal curvature/corneal diameter) with a topographer.

Following the order and the manufacture of the Menicon Z Night, we explain to you the handling of your new lenses.

Now, you will be wearing Menicon Z Night for the first time over night.

Follow-up visits

Follow-up visits should be carried out regularly at Braun Opticians for the Menicon Z night has quite another mode of operation than conventional contact lenses that are worn throughout the day. We can guarantee the optimal supply with the Menicon Z Night just then.

  1. Follow-up visit
    We examine your eyes, your visual acuity and the topography of your cornea directly in the morning after the 1st night.
  2. Follow-up visit
    The second examination takes place after one week. We make a comparative measurement. Your visual acuity is monitored and should be correct up to 75 % now.
  3. Follow-up visit
    Three weeks later, we create a new topographic image of your cornea. This enables us to initiate modifications of the Z Night that might be necessary. Now, your visual acuity should be completely corrected.

The next follow-up visit is scheduled 2 months later, afterwards every 6 months. Menicon Z Night has to be replaced annually.