Varifocal lenses

What is essential for varifocal lenses?

A particularly precise eyeglass lens determination, thorough customer service and the subsequent selection of the right varifocal lenses serve as a basis for the individual requirements. The exact video centring and the acquisition of the personal measurement data ensure the optimal fitting of the varifocal lenses. The precise processing of the eyeglass lenses with modern CNC-technology and the careful adjustment when handing the glasses over guarantee the perfect fit of the glasses as well as high visual performance.

This is only possible however, if all these conditions are fulfilled. Unfortunately, many people do not know how well they could actually see and often resign themselves to many long years with compromise solutions.

When do I need varifocal lenses?

Whenever the eyes cannot adjust well to near objects anymore, thus causing the eyes to see blurredly. This phenomenon begins about the age of 40 to 45.

Do you need special optometry for varifocal lenses?

Special optometry is our most important basis for all varifocal glasses. Nowadays, values for varifocal glasses can differ distinctly from the values in the distance and in the vicinity and need special measurements. A very good varifocal lens is going to perform best only with the correct dioptre strength.

Which particular types of varifocal glasses are there?

A brand-new technology for varifocal glasses from Rodenstock Ltd. enables us for the first time ever to attune the individual values for the distance and for the vicinity much more accurate to the needs of our customers. The results show us a distinctive improvement of the vision.

Which advantages offer such varifocal lenses?

Such varifocal lenses offer the largest need-oriented range of vision. This results in relief for the eyes and the cervical spine. More performance is made possible from morning to night. Finally, no more visual stress and no fatigue of the eyes. Thus, we achieve relaxed comfort of vision and wearing, for the vicinity and for the distance.

How do we achieve these advantages with you?

We analyse with you your daily vision requirements: at work, when pursuing your hobby, at home, when you are going by car or when you are doing other sports. Individuals are our top priority.The important analysis of requirements with the latest optical dioptre values of the eyes renders the specification of the most suitable type of varifocal glasses possible. The permanent advanced training of all employees creates the latest standard of knowledge on behalf of our customers.

We guarantee the best performance in each part of the processes of handicraft and manufacture by means of our certification. This equally applies to the final inspection before the completed glasses leave the workshop and they are handed over to the content customers.

How do I become a content customer of varifocals?

Varifocal glasses are a matter of confidence. The safe feeling for honest consultation and competence creates this confidence and generates the best overall result for our customers.
We have been committed to our achievements since 1919, thus offering an extensive guarantee of compatibility.