Modern digital hearing aids suit every lifestyle

Modern digital hearing aids offer comprehensive convenience functions, e. g. the wireless connection with smartphones or TV sets, the automatic elimination of wind noises and other disturbing noises, and a wider sound spectrum for a natural musical enjoyment. Spot-on for sophisticated people who go in for quality of life.

Your hearing professional at Braun Opticians fine-tunes the hearing aids to fit your individual requirements so that you obtain an optimum of hearing comfort in each and every situation.

Listen to life.

Originator/© Oticon

Originator/© Oticon

Our modern digital hearing aids offer many advantages:

  • Wireless connection to smartphones, TV sets, or other electrical devices according to the EU quality standard “CE” for extra user comfort, and making phone calls without washback effect.
  • Automatic adaptation to every hearing situation, without manual adjustments in the daytime.
  • The connection between both ears is reproduced for a harmonious natural acoustic Image.
  • Automatic, situational attenuation of disturbing noises in real time to follow conversations without stress.
  • Improved spatial orientation for a natural auditory sensation, stress-free hearing and more safety.
  • Pleasant listening outdoors and during physical activities.
  • Automatic and unobtrusive activation of the telephone program as soon as a receiver is held to the ear or the System.
  • Differentiated hearing of very loud and very soft sounds for a natural musical enjoyment.
  • Faithful and distortion-free transmission of a wider sound spectrum for a superior musical enjoyment.
  • Trouble-free use of the system in all kinds of weather, less repairs and a longer lifespan.
  • Unobtrusive, visually appealing design; installation of the system in the frame temples possible .