Individual contact lenses by mark’ennovy

It is our first and foremost objective to provide you optimally with a comprehensive choice of custom-made premium contact lenses as well. By means of our outstanding professional advice, we want to make possible your optimal visual performance and quality of life– for your entirely new visual experience, utmost comfort, and a hitherto unknown high sharpness of Vision.

We have individual contact lenses by mark’ennovy available for every (soon-to-be) contact lens user: as spheric, toric, multifocal, and multifocal toric monthly disposable, three-monthly disposable contact lenses and lenses for continuous wear.

Therefore, we have included new revolutionary lenses by mark’ennovy in our portfolio. These contact lenses are made from innovative materials – from silicone hydrogel with a high water content to the biomimetic material Gentle the manufacture of which is based on the reproduction of biological structures, processes and genetic blueprints.

Individual contact lenses by mark’ennovy:
The innovative contact lenses Gentle 80 are an example – they have been nominated for the “Contact Lens Product of the Year”.