Multifocal contact lenses by Menicon

An insidious process

Usually at the age of 40, an insidious process begins, affecting anybody’s daily life. Vision into the distance may still be very good, but the near visual acuity causes difficulties. Small fonts are not any longer that discernible, reading at low light levels is growing more difficult. Your eyes often feel tired and strained.

What does presbyopia mean?

Presbyopia is not caused due to a fault in the “optical system” of the eye, but due to the lens becoming less flexible as the eye ages. Even at the age of 40, presbyopia often becomes noticeable. More often than not, people resort to reading spectacles or varifocal glasses. However, there is quite another way:

Multifocal contact lenses by Menicon offer you an optimal adjustment in any situation. The best thing about it: You do not look it.

Sharp vision & lasting youth –
with multifocal contact lenses by Menicon

Advantages of multifocal contact lenses

Multifocal contact lenses have plain advantages over a pair of glasses:

    • A distinctly higher quality of life
    • Larger, unrestricted field of vision
    • Sharper all-round Vision
    • Optimal vision at any distance, without changing the posture of the head and without any postural Change
    • More freedom when enjoying sports & engaging in a Hobby
    • No fogging, no gathering dust
    • Invisible correction – for youthful Looks.

The perfect solution for you

Multifocal contact lenses are the perfect solution for any distance.

Whether at the computer, at the desk, in the car, when shopping, during sports, or at home as well:  They make optimal vision possible for you.

Ask Braun Opticians, your Menicon contact lens specialist. We will gladly provide you with professional advice, introducing to you different possibilities, for instance Menicon Indivisual Progressive2.


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Ideal when reading …

… at sports …

… at the computer …

… always