Rodenstock DNYE® SCANNER 2. The most innovative eye test ever for the sharpest eyeglass lenses by Rodenstock

The Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner 2 is an important stop on the way to the perfect eyeglass lens. For Rodenstock calculates on the basis of the subjective refraction and also the aberrometric measurement data of the eye a customized eyeglass. The DNeye® Scanner 2 provides these high-precision measurement data fast and conveniently.

This means for our customers:
They receive the best Rodenstock eyeglass lenses of all times

Advantages for you:

  • Maximum vision through 100 % exploitation of the individual visual potential
  • Comprehensive, individual analysis of the entire visual system, consisting of glasses and eye
  • Sharpest and highest-contrast vision, especially in twilight
  • Highest comfort and best compatibility
  • Unique shopping experience due to innovative and high-precision measurement of the eye
  • Extended service due to new measurements
  • Highest brand quality by Rodenstock, recognisable by the trademark

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High visibility, safe journey – the new driving glasses “Rodenstock Road” with TÜV certificate

Every motorist knows that not only driving in heavy rain, fog, or snow but also driving at dusk is a challenge. Even the headlights of oncoming vehicles affect visibility negatively. Rodenstock Road is the solution.

Here, you can find out more about the Rodenstock driving glasses.

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ColorMatic®3: The glass that automatically shows colours

Glasses that automatically become sun glasses? Yes, that really exists. The photochromic glasses adjust their colour single-handedly to changing light conditions.

The latest generation of photochromic glasses is called ColorMatic®3. Thereby, Rodenstock breaks its own record: Damit bricht Rodenstock seinen eigenen Rekord: The glasses adjust their colour 30 % faster than the previous generation. Entirely clear in the interiour, they darken in direct sunlight up to 88 %. And back again. Simply ideal for your dynamic daily routine.

The secret of ColorMatic®3: sophisticated photochromic molecules reacting to UV light.

Important for everyone working on a screen a lot:

ColorMatic3-glasses decrease blue light by 35 % and provide with their UV and glare protection for the optimal protection of your eyes.

The successful glasses for motorists as sunglasses now as well

Good driving and a safe feeling behind the wheel are inextricably linked to good vision.

Driving at dusk or the headlights of oncoming vehicles, but also the low sun during the day are a particular challenge. In strong sunlight, too, vision is often significantly reduced due to missing contrasts.

Rodenstock Road Sun is the solution.

The special filter tinting supports the driver’s contrast vision in all light conditions during the day, thus ensuring less glare in bright sunlight. The specially developed tinting is still bright enough to read the display and navigational system.

The tinting is suitable for traffic and signal light according to DIN EN ISO 8980-3 and offers full sun protection (UVA/UVB).

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Power for your eyes – smart eyeglass lenses, custom-built for the digital everyday life: Mono Plus 2

Digitisation makes many things easier – but not for our eyes. Did you for example know that we work 40 hours on average but that we also use our Smartphone for 22 hours? For our eyes, this means frequent changes between different visual distances and artificial exposure to blue light emitted by tablet and smartphone displays.

Mono plus 2 by Rodenstock are the answer to the specific visual requirements of our time. These lenses provide the decisive relaxation plus at close range and prevent fatigue – especially in case of frequent changes between different visual distances. Due to the accommodation support of +0,50 dpt. or +0,80 dpt. in the lower part of the lens, the eyes are relieved during near vision.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Less fatigue due to more relaxed reading, e. g. while using smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • More efficiency at work and during leisure time due to greater richness of detail.
  • Sharp vision and spontaneous well-being at all distances and in all light conditions.

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