Rodenstock Road – Glasses for motorists with TÜV certificate

Users confirm: The progressive lens Impression® Road 2 verifiably improves vision when driving.*

In a user test by TÜV Rheinland, Rodenstock’s best driving progressive lens Impression® Road 2 was examined in great detail.

The phenomenal judgement: With a user acceptance rate of 1.7, Impression® Road 2 not only meets certification requirements, but even exceeds them.

Thus, Rodenstock is the first eyeglass manufacturer worldwide that offers a TÜV certified driving glass, rated as “Easy to use” and “Tested by users” by an independent authority.

*As part of a user test by TÜV Rheinland, the aspects of familiarisation time, visual range, glares, contrasts, colour reproduction and cleaning were tested.

Night vision without Rodenstock Road

Night vision with Rodenstock Road

Contrast without Rodenstock Road

Contrast with Rodenstock Road

Originator/© Photos: Rodenstock