Iconic sunglasses by OAKLEY – You never ride alone

HDO: Uncompromising clarity for a razor-sharp focus

The lenses of Oakley High Definition Optics® (HDO®) provide optimal security and performance, thus satisfying even the uncompromising demands of top athletes: the view is the clearest, sharpest and most precise.

OAKLEY TRUE DIGITAL: Special sunglasses with corrective lenses for an even better performance

Oakley sunglasses with so-called True Digital™ (OTD) corrective lenses provide a stable and clear view due to sunglasses which provide a wide peripheral view. The OTD-lenses have been specially designed for the “high horizontal” frames which are curving along the sides of your eyes.

They minimize blur and distortion, making it easier for you to detect movement within your peripheral field of vision.

They also balance the eyesight of both of your eyes and help you to quickly recognize what you are just seeing.

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Oakley True Digital Edge™

Using the revolutionary OTD Edge™ technology, the range of prescription lenses for Oakley’s high horizontal sunglasses has once again expanded to range from +4.00 to -6.00 now.

OTD Sport Specific: Sunglasses with varifocal correction lenses for optimal athletic performances

These sunglasses allow you to focus on objects from near and far.

In addition, every sport involves individual requirements for the near, middle and distant focusing range today. The custom-made OTD Sport Specific varifocal lenses offer ideal performance characteristics in each focusing range, giving you the best possible view while playing golf, cycling, and fishing.

HD POLARIZED: Glare protection with uncompromising clarity

Headaches caused by blinding light can ruin your day. Golfers often have to cope with losses of performance resulting from glare from ditches, bunkers and level areas.

Fishing trips can remain fruitless if dazzling rays of light are reflected in the water so that you can no longer see the fishhooks. Driving in glaring light can be risky; Cyclists on the road know that potholes and other dangers cannot be detected in time because of the blindings. Any skier or snowboarder can tell how blindings distract them, reduce mental concentration, and steal energy due to a great deal of tension.

For this reason, Oakley has developed HD polarized lenses.

Lenses by Oakley help you see more: more details, a greater depth and better resolution – by optimizing the lenses for special surrounding areas.

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UV protection: Protection against thermonuclear radiation

The Oakley Plutonite® glass material stops all ultraviolet radiation from the sun’s thermonuclear furnace at any wavelength, and not just within the low UVA spectre. Even the clear lenses filter 100% of the UV radiation.