Braun Opticians corporate guidelines

The guidelines of the company Braun Opticians define the structure of values, thus determining our actions. We are a joint venture with the collaboration of every single employee. The group effort and the extraordinary performance of each individual shall make us outwardly strong.

We know that knowledge and experience are not enough to be long-term successful; therefore, we need a binding orientation framework for our behaviour and the interaction with everybody who is concerned with our company. This applies equally to the behaviour within the company as well as externally.

For many decades, Braun Opticians have considered themselves as positively acting company in Augsburg. We want our customers to be well looked after in our company.

Thus, Braun Opticians stand in the tradition of solid quality and service.

Always a shade better

We want to improve the quality of life of our customers in their world of vision.

Good vision for satisfied customers

Quality means for us that we reliably meet the requirements that we agree upon with our customers. Not only the first time, but also every time.

Honest service

Only in remaining sensitive and open for our customers’ requirements can we consistently justify their confidence.

Obtaining and verifying of customer confidence

This way we serve with all our skills, our advice, and our commitment so that the customers can achieve success for themselves from this partnership.

This success makes us confident as a company, thus having a positive influence on every employee.

Positive future prospects

Who is responsible for a cause, who understands service as a stimulus in place of a burden, and who enjoys both his own achievements and satisfied customers will experience these duties as reasonable and motivating.

We expect from each individual employee that he efficiently deploys the available resources, takes his own initiatives, and yields his best performance. Since it is not enough that only the management deploys entrepreneurial spirit.

A high degree of personal responsibility and fairness is an indicator for the quality of our internal cooperation.

This shall be the prerequisite for Braun Opticians to remain versatile and to grow into a successful future.