Hearing protection and noise protection –
Safety and comfort for your ears

Our hearing is a very sensible sensory organ. Demonstrably, impairment of hearing occurs after just a short period of time, depending on intensity, frequency and duration of the noise.

Hearing and noise protection preserves your health!

Despite insulation measures, an increase in noise can be determined, at work, in traffic, but especially in the recreational area. Hobby work, mowing the lawn, music consumption, video games, and driving motorcycles, speed boats or convertibles are just some examples.

But noise is also a stress-inducing factor and causes discomfort, headache, high blood pressure, insomnia, lack of performance and depression.

Relaxation is important!

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An appropriate hearing and noise protection is essential at the workplace and in one’s leisure time to protect oneself effectively from the harmful consequences of too much noise. The important acoustic signals can pass through and reach your ear whereas the harmful noise stays outside. Thus, you can listen to life to the full extent – without risk for your hearing.

The products are customised to perfectly fit your ear by our audiologists, using impression. Our highly specialised partners, such as Audia and bachmaier, make your individual hearing protection to order according to this impression.

The result: Ideal wearing comfort and perfect fit – without pressure sores and slipping out of position.

Listen to life.