Have you already known …

… that we are able to measure your eyes with 20.000 measurement points for a perfect fitting of contact lenses?

… that we can simulate for you each lighting situation during an eye measurement: night (scotopic) vision, twilight (mesopic) vision, contrast sensitivity, colour vision?

… that we will give you a compatibility warranty for contact lenses that you may test four weeks, e. g. when you are on vacation?

… that there are special lens tints for playing golf, thus enabling a higher contrast sensitivity in order to clearly improve the handicap?

… that all the medicines that you ingest are detectable in the precorneal film of the eye and that they can alter radically its quality?

… that a good eye glass determination with optical advice takes up to one hour? We have time for your performance!

… that there are multifocal lenses for distance and close-up vision that you can test free of charge in our shop?

… that there are many pupils with poor visual performance despite good preventive check-ups?

… that you need a particularly good special vision for playing golf and that we can test precisely this?

… that we manufacture special glasses for doctors? For each operating distance and each task.

… that photochromic eyeglass lenses in glass quality provide an especially good UV protection?

… that there are reading glasses which enable you to see sharply from 30 cm to 2 m?

… that an old contact lens changes its dioptric value gradually and that it can have the wrong dioptric value on the eye?